Sea and Mountains are so close and easily accessible that allow both swimming and trekking.


Things you can do in water: swimming, water polo, fishing, scuba diving, canoeing, kayak polo, sailing, surfing and windsurfing.


Things you can do on the mountains: hiking, climbing, canyoning, mountain biking, trail running and paragliding.


A large bocce court was opened in 2009 along the promenade by Arenzano Commune.


Footbal pitch
Nazario Gambino's pitch is as big as to admit from 7 to 11 player per team.
The Sports Centre La Pineta is featured by a football pitch with artificial lighting.
The multipurpose pitch in Via Marconi is dedicated to football, bocce and volleyball.


Arenzano is the ideal starting point for bike paths that twist around the Ligurian Apennine, along ever-green routes. Even lovers of mountain biking can indulge themselves along these outstanding courses.


The 9-hole golf facility of Pinewood Arenzano is easily accessible in just few minutes from the marina.
The 18-hole Golf St. Anna, in the resort town of Cogoleto Lerca, is just 6 km far from the port of Arenzano. St. Anna's Golf Club is a modern golf facility suitable for international competitions.


Horse Riding
Arenzano's Horse Riding Centre is a short walk from the sea and the paths of the National Park of Beigua.


Half Marathon
In conjunction with the international march Sea and Mountains (see “ Nature”), a half-marathon is held on a very competitive level.


Gymnastics, fencing, body building, dance, martial arts:
many indoor sports activities are accessible in Arenzano.


Public swimming pool
It is a very important sports complex in Arenzano, where a large variety of sports such as swimming, water polo, water aerobics can be practised.


Motocross track
This is an authorized area dedicated to motocross and enduro motorcycle UISP and IMF workouts in the area of Terrarossa.


There are two tennis complexes in Arenzano:
Tennis Club of Pineta Arenzano, founded in 1959.
Tennis Club Arenzano Villa Maddalena.


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