An ornithological centre, ideal lookout for Bird Watching, has recently opened in Vaccà in the hinterland of Arenzano. In springtime, the migration of several species of birds of prey, such as Short-toed Snake Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Golden Eagle and Minor Eagle, can be observed.


Science Centre dedicated to the relationship between human kind, energy and climate that offers educational tours to explore climate’s dynamics and sustainable energy’s models.


'Mari e Monti' (between Sea and Mountains) march
For many years now, the non-competitive, international foot race SEA AND MOUNTAINS takes place in Arenzano every September. The foot race unfolds between the coastline and the paths of Beigua Park, twisting and turning in a landscape rich in natural resources and picturesque panoramas.


Beigua Park
Arenzano is the site where the Apennine ridge is closer to the coastline. This portion of mountainous territory is encompassed by Beigua Park, the largest park in the Ligurian region. This game reserve is characterized by a fascinating and complex mountain landscape overlooking the sea.

Arenzano and its parks

Park Figoli: This Art Nouveau-styled mansion is surrounded by a large park stretching up to the sea, adorned with secular trees of particular value - including majestic olive trees . Bordering the park, the Church of the Olives is a valuable architectural testimony.

Park Negrotto Cambiaso
Park Negrotto Cambiaso, located in the centre of Arenzano, is a vast and remarkable garden from the late 19th Century, which boasts of a botanical heritage of great prestige.
At the centre of the park, there is the historical Villa, which now guests the Metropolitain Government Office of Arenzano.

Of particular interest is the event called “Florarte” –performances of art with flowers - which takes place annually in the greenhouse.


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