Fish tourism - excursion

Leaving the Port early in the morning is essential to enjoying deep-sea fishing (only for specific boats) and coastal fishing with gill nets, trammel nets, traps, lines, boulters and much more. The return will be scheduled at midday or late afternoon depending on the fishing trip choice.

Each sea trip will hinge upon the weather condition of the day.

Authorized Vessels:

SAN MARCO 10 people max. info: Dezzani Marco,
STEFANO 2 people max. info: Caviglia Davide,
STEFANO 6 people max. info: Calcagno Pietro,
BONACCIA 3 people max. info: Zanchini Giuliano,
MARLIN 3 people max. info: Calcagno Gerolamo,


The Haven

The wreck of the tanker Haven, sunk on the 11th April1991,just over a mile from the coast of Arenzano, is now the perfect site for unforgettable scuba diving experiences.

Haven Diving Center :
Tech Dive:

Ligurian Sea Cetacean Sanctuary

Arenzano's location overlooks the Ligurian Sea Cetacean Sanctuary of the Mediterranean Sea.
Whales, dolphins and other cetaceans are sometimes spotted from the shore.



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